TOYPは、Ten Outstanding Young Personsとして、


The Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) program was started to invite about 10 young people from around the world for 10 days every year for 10 years, so as to establish a network with a total of 100 persons who are knowledgeable about Japan. This international exchange program with its long-term vision, which originated in Osaka, resulted in establishment of Save the Children Japan (SCJ) in 1986 and various projects to support developing countries in Asia.

The “TOYP Osaka Club” was established as an exchange organization in order to expand the network of mutual understandings through information exchange among members. (It was decided that the club prepare a membership list, deliver an annual report and select secretaries every year in order to encourage information exchange).



2000年代は、CSR(企業の社会的責任)など企業の社会貢献、地域社会との共生をテーマに「Think Globally Act Localy」などを実践しました。

TOYP started out as a ten-year program. Given the outcomes and the value of the program, there was no reason to discontinue it. Therefore, JCI Osaka decided to continue the program as a new TOYP that focuses on themes of activities. At the same time, the word “Ten” in the title of the program was replaced with “The.” During the 1990’s, TOYP developed activities focusing basically on “contribution to the global society beyond the borders of nations and cultures” as “a global citizens.”

Throughout the 2000’s, TOYP engaged in activities to “Think Globally Act Localy,” focusing on companies’ contribution to society including corporate social responsibility (CSR) and coexistence with local communities.



TOYP has continued to deal with various problems experienced by local communities to contribute to community development by addressing different themes every year and taking a global view. TOYP celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2011. The young persons who have been invited to Japan by TOYP (TOYP members) have achieved outstanding performances, having a social effect on various fields throughout the world. We believe that mutual understandings and respect among these TOYP members contribute effectively to world peace. The tie of friendship with TOYP members is a precious asset of Junior Chamber International Osaka.