TOYPとは、The Outstanding Young Persons=傑出した若者たち、将来を嘱望される優秀な青年たちの意味です。


そして、1980年JCI世界会議大阪大会の開催を契機に、今後ますます複雑化する海外との関係の中で「青年の果たすべき民間外交のあり方」とは何か、検討を重ねました。 そんな中、文化人類学の第一人者である梅棹忠夫国立民族学博物館 初代館長(当時)よりいただいた「海外の前途ある優秀な青年を日本に招き、日本を実感してもらうことだ」とのアドバイスをもとに、1981年にTOYP大阪会議を開始しました。


過去には、アップル社の共同創業者であるステファン・ウォズニアック氏や、 米国大統領の補佐官を務められた、ロジャーBポーター氏など、 世界中で活躍されている方がたに、メンバーとしてお越し頂いております。

TOYP stands for “The Outstanding Young Persons,” referring to young persons who are engaged in praiseworthy activities. TOYP aim to engage in international exchanges with outstanding representatives of the younger generation who have the world before them and are exerting their social influence in various areas, to learn from each other and to raise awareness of each other’s activities.
“Independence is different from isolation. Independence must be realized based on a linkage with a broader world. Opening our eyes, and fostering our own development under close cooperation, then, and only then, should Japan gear toward its reconstruction. Under the spirit of the Junior Chamber International, branches of which have already been established in Western countries, we herein believe in the power of non-prejudice and broad-minded friendship of young people, and contribute to international goodwill.” (Excerpt from 1950 prospectus of the Junior Chamber International Osaka)
Since its foundation in 1950, the Junior Chamber International Osaka has energetically carried on its activities for more than half a century, aiming to realize a better, brighter and more affluent society. Through the 35th JCI World Congress Osaka/Japan in 1980, JCI Osaka recognized the necessity of trans-national private sector-level diplomacy and launched the TOYP (Ten Outstanding Young Persons) Program in 1981 based on the advice of the late Tadao Umesao, then Director-general of the National Museum of Ethnology, “Invite outstanding and promising young people from overseas countries to Japan and have them experience the real Japan.”
Aiming to establish an international private-sector network, we have dealt with various problems of global society through the TOYP Program, changing its theme annually.
The young people of passion we invited from around the world through the past TOYP Programs are still making outstanding contributions to diverse fields throughout the world. Our on-going bonds of friendship with these TOYP members are now irreplaceable assets for us.
In the past, we have had very special guests who have influenced the world on an international level such as Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple and former presidential aide Roger B. Porter.